• Flatsaw
  • Handsaw
  • Excavating

  • Coredrilling
  • Chainsaw
  • Grinding

  • Wallsaw
  • Break & Removal
  • Patch Back

  • Wiresawing

Established through education and Best Pratice Standards, limiting risk of everybody on jobsite. Our employees are competent & highly trained, most with 10 years+ of experience.

Interior & exterior. Electric or gas. Sawcutting in a warehouse, retail strip center or hospital – no- problem. We will route our utility lines in a safe manner, vacuum slurry & dispose of. In dust critical situations, we can supply air filtration machines.

Perfect round holes. Our trucks are all self-contained, water & power on board with common sizes of 1” – 12” diameter. Larger sizes are available from our shop along with custom fabrication of special requirement tooling. The coredrill machine is similar to a drill press, it is anchored mechanically or by vacuum device. And like all our diamond cutting tools, they are cooled & lubricated by water, minimizing dust issues.

Track mounted, assuring straight & accurate cuts that will compliment your new windows or doors or HVAC openings. We will use a chainsaw in the corners leaving you with no “overcuts”. Typically in the past these corners were core drilled & chipped square. For smaller squares or rectangle openings for HVAC or Duct chases, these are cut with a chainsaw or ringsaw. These machines run on gas, hydraulic or electric.

Common use for this process is where concrete separates & one section raises causing trip hazard. Other uses include high spots at slab, removing coatings, floor prep & cleaning. Grinders run on gas or electricity & also uses water to help minimize dust.

A technique originated in stone quarries by which a wire with diamond segments are threaded through a series of pulleys that pull wire through the concrete. This process can terminate large pieces such as columns & thick footings, whereas a conventional blade would not penetrate those thicknesses.

Slicing up in sections or breaking-up into pieces depending on characteristics of job, i.e.: dust or noise requirements. If no jackhammers are allowed, it may be decided that we slice up the concrete & remove by hand, forklift, bobcat or crane. Concrete, asphalt, structural concrete walls outside easily accessible by bobcats, backhoes, breakers & jackhammer. Generally broken into pieces & loaded into dump trucks & semi’s and hauled to local recycle facilities.

Trenching by bobcat with hoe attachment, small & medium size for interior work. Machines are outfitted with catalytic converters for cleaner air exhaust. Exterior or large job excavated by John Deere 310 or 410 equipment. Breakers can be attached to all these machines.

A compliment to our removal service, we will pour back concrete at plumbing & electrical trenches. These jobs are usually at shopping centers, malls, hospitals & general tenant improvement projects. We will install moisture barriers, install rebar & depending on job size or locality, we will pump or wheel concrete to patch back area